Adaptive Workshops can be experienced in 3 different ways -

Public (In Person)

These workshops happen across the world at a predetermined schedule and is open for senior professionals across industry and across companies as long as they pass the eligibility criteria.

Facilitator and participants are all in the same physical location for the duration of the workshop which creates a rich experiential learning environment.

Peer Learning is emphasized due to the cross pollination of companies and industries
Full spectrum Networking Opportunities

Public (Hybrid Learning)

These programs are conducted live over an Interactive Learning Platform(ILT) which allows the participants to attend at a location of their convenience and are usually time spaced for better assimilation.

Some hybrid programs also have "immersion" modules where all the participants visit the campus to network and interact with the faculty face to face.

More Assimilation time for the learnings as sessions are usually spaced out
Location convenience

Private (Onsite)

These workshops are usually conducted for companies internally for their team members in a physical face to face format.

Such workshops are usually corporate sponsored for their key leaders and allow for deeper company specific discussions as well as sharper customization to make them tailor made for the challenges for each group.

Better content customization for the specific group needs
Discuss and brainstorm company specific process in addition to industry best practices